by in 2016, Oil, Overarching Cycle Size: 50 in x 49 in (127 cm x 125 cm)Medium: Oil, sand, rhinestones, glitter on canvas with internal sculpture of quail egg, onion skin, circuit board, other found materials, glitter

The Soul Tiller,

The freshness maker

Has come.

It was here.


Terror and

Destruction are


for growing onions.


Now I spend 

20 years 

To finally know:

That is over.



Might it be true?

Might we not

Choose to delve...

The “buried” couch is a reference to Robert Smithson’s Partially Buried Woodshed within the context of childhood struggles. In Smithson’s work, he buried a woodshed just until the center beam cracked – the significance of which spoke to me about how life gives us only as much adversity as we need to crack open.


Onions serve as a term for the way layers of psychological complexities form around traumatic experiences, snowballing over new events and feelings adding to the pile that must be unraveled or “peeled” for understanding and healing. 



To reach down inside, 

Without first 

Having our structural 




The straw,

The grain, the difficulty and pain.

Draws from us 

The golder, 

The fodder, 

The better, 

The water.