by in 2016, Oil, Overarching Cycle Size: 75 in x 61 in (192 cm x 155 cm)Medium: Oil, glitter, gold leaf on canvas

Summer Reap Horn

Battle Cries

Thought on the surface has gone deep
Creation’s instrument.

Sometimes only
At night…
There is a hum…
and a buzz?
A crackling sound…

Water when God wills it
Time, time, time time.
Pick out your hats
Shop for your ideals.

Your own
Warrior call
Is all that can
Wake you.

active and resonating
you’ll be so glad
You put the pieces together.

Here it is.
Watch in awe as it
Pops, Bursts
And crashes!
Active and resonating!

After you’ve killed your 45 minatour,
Scream out,
Covered with blood,

And resonating –
You exist!
You are victorious!