The Star Maker Machinery


Just Having Faith and Watermelon

They say "Have faith!"So I will have some.And I'll have some watermelon as well.Wonderful things are in the works,I know it.Things are bubbling,Life is thundering,Towards night,And new day.Time is my friend,Never have I been sad to leave an age,The older I am the more perspective,The less I hurt.The more healed the wounds.Soon I will plug it in, see our creation.Bright sky - some day soon.But for now, faith......and watermelon.  

Hot Tea and a Fresh Roll

The steamOf Subconscious, Rising slowly, untied,..opens envelopesshockingly,Knotted and tied. We need our worst fears...To happen to us,Well, because it kills us,And it ah wake-ens us.While it may seem, we don't know the unseen,We can feel it, and scream it,And hurl it into being.

Constructing a Chimera

I glimpsed the moon through my chaotic mind...There was not enough space insideTo feel more than what is already stored up,Waiting...To be felt.My rooms were stacked with boxes, lined with dust,Soot and salt from a thousand sea floods and house fires.Misfiring adrenals.So I went back to sitting,To listening, feeling..And sent up a prayer to the land of clean and empty.. Where I am starting inFresh pink rooms, aranging furnitureOn a sweet smelling summer’s night.

Seeing the Lion

The Sacred Egg Food is hard.Food is so great.When is feeding the soul as goodfor the body as eating kale?!What vitamin is that?That pink frosting on a Friday afternoon has.I believe pink frosting...Well, let's see, Vitamin t g i and f.Beer is vitamin Dre.Coffee with cream is vitamin hi,fantastic to meet you, isn't it a wonderful day!;);):)But it's also vitamin transform your attitude.And then there's vitamin crap,I have no more room for a good attitude.Then it's time for vitamin r, respecting the ebb.This vitamin can be found in flowers and walks,baths, reading, and most fruits and vegetables.Thought nourishes too..We grow, effortlessly effortfulInto theebeautiful, difficult life.

Action Circut

This is my tomato organ.My heart tells me when there are too many rules,My tomato tells me, where there is beauty and juiciness,It's in the center of my chest.Like first aid unto my mind;Clean sheets.If I could distill these experiencesInto a raw energy equivalent,I could exhibit the circuit That runs through the days,I could see my hope powered,My growing, healing attention for the hours,My Affection for my lifeswelling.

Dr. Jester

That little voice My electric journeys.My electric moments.As I'm folding laundry, I hear:“You will be burned!”          Drunkards and thieves are laughing in my heart:          “Fool, you're a fool” - thumps in the dark.And I say back "I will not."I step into my feet,Crawl through my back,I push into my skull,And look out through my eyes at my pink underwear.I am transformed. I love that underwear.I am not my body,I am not even the mind,I hear “good idea.”I say "thank you.”

The Music Making Machinery

The Gift There is a place where the heart docks,And it places its music,Like eggs of fine code,To be discovered like it always has.The music making machineryPurrs James Allen,Within the cave of your fear lies the treasure.Let follow what scares you.But for now,rest and dream, heal.Become strong.There is much to be done.The danger is gone,Oil to mechanisms of change.There is a transformative powerIn beautiful, incredible difficulty.

Absolutely Cake; a cybernetic mechanism

Eat cake He speaks of no limitation...But what about cake?I expected joy to be heavy as despair,Meaningful as intense jealousy, overcome.But it's not!It is a light thing that has no important weight.Perhaps weight does not have to do with importance,at all?Maybe heavy kept me safe,under it.I have to let go of importanceTo float.Then the darkness folds weight back in.If it's the right cake it's not just a pleasure,It's important, as a functioning mechanism.Life is good because of cake andThe absence of cake.We want all the crazy and the sane.That's good! You can have both!