by in 2015, Oil Size: 19.7 in x 25.6 in (50 x 65 cm)Medium: Oil, ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper

That little voice

My electric journeys.
My electric moments.
As I'm folding laundry, 
I hear:
“You will be burned!”

          Drunkards and thieves are laughing in my heart:
          “Fool, you're a fool” - thumps in the dark.

And I say back "I will not."

I step into my feet,
Crawl through my back,
I push into my skull,
And look out through my eyes at my pink underwear.

I am transformed. I love that underwear.
I am not my body,
I am not even the mind,
I hear “good idea.”
I say "thank you.”