by in 2014, Sculptings Size: 3′ x 4′ (91 x 121 cm)Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, ink, glitter on paper; sterling silver, polymer, paper structures, found materials

Riding high
On spindly towers of thought,
Chaos rains!
But I study weather patterns...

Gathering clues
Become notes
On high.

I'm watched.
I am the watcher, too.
I watch myself think
Some crazy, sad things.

But it's not even like that, really,
It's more like emotions, churning,
Born of thoughts,
Whirling behind my eyes, and
Creating a cloud of storm,
Hanging around me.
Fogs and delirium
All above.

Not just blinding me,
I can't even see straight
With my brain!

I need windshield wipers,
And a battle helmet.
I need a mop and a spear.
I need the reins and a pedicure.
And definitely a cup of coffee.

We're hunting the fear beast!!
Emily, Sara and Molly,
Ghosts and old stories,
In diaphanous war.

But now, stay on the defense,
They can't come close,
Against these fresh arrows.

The body of evidence is
Too strong.
I declare dominance.

In Kites and Fishing people can explore jumping on thought balloons, greenhouses, swings, restaurants, farmer's markets - This is a new kind of theme park for the mind. And then there's the other side of creating, "Fishing" - the effort involved.

Helicity is on the other side of Kites and Fishing.

This artwork is part of the "Sculptings" portfolio.