One-legged Circulator

by in 2014, Sculptings Size: 3′ x 4′ (91 x 121 cm)Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, ink, glitter on paper; copper wire, beads, polymer, natural materials

Murdering Depression


Get it OUT!
Is it endless? This Purging?

Oh I see,
The feeling of endless stuffing
Is the bad feeling I have.
The swirl of stone,
In my guts:
It must all come out!

My centuries alert me,
to each disturbance,
And I faithfully comply:
I sit and feel it,
I see horror and impossible grief.

Then like a worm, or some foul insect,
It pops out and swims away,
Flipping its tail spitefully,
Leaving its homeopathic venom
To be contemplated...

And the fire rages on!


One-legged Circulator is the subconscious mind, like a big raging seed, or coil of seeds. Spewing things out, taking things in, hopefully a process full of healing and catharsis, but this is the fire part of the process, the destruction before the regeneration.

The Mastermind is on the other side of One-legged Circulator.

This artwork is part of the "Sculptings" portfolio.