by in 2014, Sculptings Size: 3′ x 4′ (91 x 121 cm)Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, ink, glitter on paper; copper wire, polymer, natural materials

Symphony No. 6 in G plants


I feel the growing.
I am the growing!
But where are the fruits?
I see seeds, millions of seeds..

        "Just trust"

Can I eat the seeds?!

There is beauty here.
The peas are plumping!

...I ate so many peas...I hate peas.
But look...plants are nice,

There is something nourishing in 
their greenness, 
There is a desire to give in them..

They urge me, 
With their calming, expectant essences,
A movement inward….no! no! no!

Quiet power dispels fear.
Look how they present to us;
Beauty and stillness.

Ok...I accept.

Nature succeeds,
she is always elegance,
Poise and Plump.

The Mastermind is about control, power, and how the right kind of power can make things flourish. The painting is also about a meditative, still state, as well as cooperation and a state of harmony.

One-legged Circulator is on the other side of The Mastermind.

This artwork is part of the "Sculptings" portfolio.