The Joy of the Things

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I was exploring my desire for adventure and safety within the blueprints of a childhood home.  



Paths through these structures appear quite perilous but are puncuated with homey nooks for dreaming. 


Within each sculpture is a juxtaposition of organic and manufactured, industrial and domestic, familiar and unfamiliar, inside and outside, hidden and revealed, above and below ground. I filled this space with these and other material variety, in an attempt to create an experiance of exaggerated volume... and to imply something infinite that I felt.

The uppermost level is God; below it, The Greenhouse; The Living Room; The Boiler. Heaven and Earth is a cross section of stratified layers of earth and atmosphere, experiance and emotion.

I used everyday recognizable objects (thumbtack, tire presure meter, jacks) within the sculptures of miniature (dollhouse toilet, stove) so that reality of shape can stand apart from the utility value.  Things become not necessarily as they appear, in order to create an unpredictablity, reminiscent of games of make-believe.