Emily Fischer Field is an American artist currently based in London, UK. Field graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Fine Arts Degree in 2010. Her solo exhibitions include Denise Bibro Fine Art, in Chelsea, New York; Puccs, in Budapest, Hungary; The Barnes Gallery, in Leverette, MA; and her work has been exhibited at The Carl Angus Room, Amherst College; The Eli Marsh Gallery and The Herter Gallery in Amherst, MA.

Field’s art emerges from a search for transformation and catharsis. By fusing painting with sculpture and poetry, she forges a multi-dimensional language to speak about layered experiences and ways of understanding complex emotions and truths. Her work explores inner roads of confusion, anxiety and despair to beauty and triumph.

As a very shy, quiet child, Field focused most of her available power on observation. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire, where the natural world was a daily exploration and companion that is reflected in all of her work. Later, in her teens and into her 20s she struggled with substance and intimacy addiction. After a series of personal crises, she came to a breaking point when she started to fervently study the works of current thought leaders and eventually reinvent herself. At the age of 27, she began to seriously commit herself to art.

Her life since then has been characterized by an intensive exploration of methods for better ways to communicate through her work. With her art, Field seeks to bring structure and fuel to everyday experience; viewers are amiably challenged to investigate their own personal meaning through palpably implied logic.

Drawing inspiration from many places within and outside the art world, she considers her most potent visual influences to have come from Miró, O’Keeffe, Basquiat, Matisse, and specifically Calder’s Circus, Seurat’s drawings and Leonardo’s Notebooks.



Can one chart the process of transformation? What about creation… through different stages… despair, confusion, anxiety… the courage to begin again, overcome inertia… to exploring different avenues of possibility, in order to fit the pieces together to share the music in a way people will hear.

...but back to the first question...can I mirror the gorgeous and precise, albeit deceptively chaotic character of the universe? Can we work with it? Where is the line between what’s within and what’s without? What does pain do? And how do you convey an alchemical process of internal change?

What if… a logic of epiphanies and equations could be constructed; connections, interactions and cycles identified, to pick up speed along the unstable ground towards art?



Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Puccs Contemporary Art Gallery, Budpest Hungary, Illumination

2015 Denise Bibro Fine Art, Chelsea NYC NY, Open Heart Surgery

2010 Barnes Gallery, Leverett MA, The Joy of the Things

2009 Carl Angus Room, Amherst College


Group Exhibitions

2010 The Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst MA

2009 Herter Gallery, Amherst MA



2005 – 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts,

University of Massachusetts Amherst



2015 Kickstarter Campaign

2012 Art Teaching Internship at Sant Bani High School

2008 – 2010 Internship at the Leverett Arts Center

2009 Art Studies Program in France



2009 The Carol Angus Five College Advanced Drawing Award

2008 1st in Painting in Junior/Senior Exhibition at University of Massachusetts

2007 Chancellor's Talent Award from University of Massachusetts



A selection of my work can be seen at: